Curriculum Resources

This comprehensive curriculum resource page provides useful background information and ideas for teachers to engage students. Look through the computer science resource bank to review a variety of materials centered around computer science education. Lastly, this page provides tips on what to be thinking of when looking for curriculum for students in Georgia. 

Considering Curriculum Resources

  • When selecting or developing curriculum these are considerations for Curriculum
  • Provide a comprehensive view of computer science informed by the five core concepts and seven core practices of computer science as delineated in the framework.
  • Be developmentally appropriate per the grade-band progressions in the framework and fit into a coherent K–12 experience.
  • Integrate the concepts and practices into meaningful experiences for students, rather than solely focus on the concepts.
  • Be designed from a “content-first” perspective, in which programming tools, equipment (e.g., robots), and even languages, are a vehicle for learning the concepts and practices, rather than becoming the focus themselves.
  • Offer opportunities to create innovative technologies within socially relevant and culturally situated contexts.

Curriculum Identification Resources

    • This is a resource directory created by the Colorado Department of Education.
    • CSforALL is a national resource for individuals and organizations interested in K-12 computer science (CS) education.
    • This is a sample of what a teacher leader in Fayette County Schools used to make decisions on which curriculum to use in their district.