Virtual CS Options

Virtual CS Options

 As computer science grows into a full K-12 discipline, one that will eventually need to reach every student in the school system, it is essential that we grow teacher capacity quickly enough to meet the growing demand, and to address the attrition of teachers with high-demand CS skills. Computer science is first and foremost a discipline rooted in problem-solving, and the products of computer science education can be used to address its own challenges. This spawned the tech multiplier concept, using technology to multiply teaching capacity for CS.

There are two components of the tech multiplier concept. The first is to use technology to train and support new CS teachers, a strategy employed by many of our CS4GA PD partners (see CS4GA PD page). The second is to use technology to directly supplement computer science instruction, mitigating the need for having a highly trained CS teacher in every classroom situation. Below are two existing examples of the later strategy


Georgia Virtual Schools (also known as GAVS) is a supplemental instructional platform for students in Georgia. GAVS offers a wide variety of state supported courses on a virtual platform and provides a teacher to support students in this environment. GAVS offers 8 high school CS courses and is in the process of developing courses for middle school CS as well. This structure enables any school in the state to meet the mandate which requires all middle and high schools to offer Computer Science. As a result, all middle and high school students in Georgia have access to computer science courses as long as they have internet connectivity.


In Georgia, there are 12 CTAE pathways for Computer Science/Information Technology, including but not limited to Cybersecurity, Programming, Game Design, and Cloud Computing. Most schools around GA are only able to offer one or two pathways at the most. Many of these pathways are also offered via the Technical College System of Georgia, providing dual enrollment options along with CTAE pathway completion. Students that don’t have a pathway they are interested in at their home school may be able to find it at their local technical college. If the technical college doesn’t offer the course on campus, they have the option to offer it via the TCSG E-campus platform. These courses are available now with more on the way.  For more information, please reach out to your local technical college to have your students take advantage of their available courses.

Courses Available TCSG

Updated 11/30/22
HS Course Number High School Course
11.016 Advanced Placement Computer Science A
11.019 Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
11.414 Information Technology Essentials (BCS-ITE)
11.415 Introduction to Digital Technology
11.42 Information Technology Support (BCS-ITS)
11.425 Web Development
11.429 Game Design: Animation and Simulation
11.446 Introduction to Software Technology
11.452 Web Design
11.461 Networking Fundamentals
11.482 Advanced Cybersecurity