Academic Partners Network

Academic Partners Network

Given that our state’s academic institutions have many individuals, programs, and departments working on activities that are helping to advance CS education in our schools, we decided to bring interested academic partners into a networking group that could learn about each other’s efforts and identifies potential collaboration opportunities.

The Academic Partners Network(APN) has identified two areas of focus for collaborative efforts:

  • Conduct data analysis on key K-12 CS education research questions that would both help CS4GA understand the state of CS ed and also help the academic partners with their research inquiries.  GTech’s Constellations Center for Equity in Computing is providing funding to GaDOE to hire interns to assist with the data analysis.

  • Partner with CS ed summer camp and after-school partners to study how their efforts could be expanded statewide through virtual solutions and to study the effectiveness of the solutions.  We also would like to connect new CS teachers to these out-of-school experiences so that they can shadow experienced CS teachers to learn how to apply what they learned in their CS PD training.  

To become a member of CS4GA’s Academic Partners Network, please reach out to Khurram ‘Ko’ Hassan through our contact form.

CS4GA Current APN Members

Kenton Meronard
Albany State University
Kathaleena Monds
Albany State University
Hyrum Carroll
Columbus State University
Rania Hodhod
Columbus State University
Khurram/Ko Hassan
Rebecca McMullen
Fort Valley State University
Bryan Cox
Lavita Williams
Hyesung Park
Georgia Gwinnett College
Armin Mikler
Georgia State University
Raj Sunderraman
Georgia State University
Anu Bourgeois
Georgia State University
Lauren Margulieux
Georgia State University
Cedric Stallworth
Darryl Adderly
Lien Diaz
Mahender Mandala
GTech/School of Interactive Computing
Ahyoung Lee
Kennesaw State University
Tom Koballa
Mercer University
Nina Gilbert
Morehouse College
Gina Childers
Texas Tech University
Catherine Linsky
Univ of North Georgia
Sheri C. Hardee
Univ of North Georgia
Radu Paul Mihail
Valdosta State University

Research Questions Currently Prioritized by the Academic Partners Network

  1. “Is there any data available on the CS-certified teachers? Distribution? Demographics?”
  2. “Can we have a breakdown of students that took the AP CS exams, with their scores? Breakdown by demographics, schools, counties, etc…”
  3. “Rank the school districts by how closely their demographics for CS students match their overall student body. What are the primary factors for the schools with the best/worst match in demographics.”
  4. “Influence of non-traditional CS exposure (integration into other non-CS courses) on enrollment”
  5. “Is there data to also give a breakdown of students that are taking dual enrollment CS courses?”