Personalized PD

Personalized PD

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COMPASS (COMmunity Partners for Student Success)(K-12)

Saving Our Sons & Sisters International- SOSSI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization made up of ‘no excuse’ leaders of integrity committed to making a difference in the lives of youth, adults, and their communities. Developing strategic partnerships, using best practices, tools, technology, and proven strategies increases outcomes for all learners, especially the social and economically disadvantaged.


A Community Development Corporation, committed to transform and improve the success of K-12 students, youth, veterans, seniors, and families, through our Collective Impact Model- COMPASS (COMmuunity PArtners for Student Success) as the catalyst to impact workforce and community development initiatives.


A community of partners committed to youth and family success.

S- upportive Leadership
O- rganized Collaboration
S- trategic Focus
S- ystematic Solutions
I- ntentionality with Integrity

Academics. Georgia Standards of Excellence and Common Core provide the framework for K-12 students, as work-ready
standards evolve, per the changing industry needs, school, and academic enrichment programs have been aligned with national and professional standards. Reading, Math, and Computer Science (CS) Education are high priority focus areas and our comprehensive (S.T.E.A.M.) programs provide exposure and show industry alignment in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering/Entrepreneurship, Agriculture/Arts & Design, and Mathematics.
College & Career Readiness. SOSSI works closely with state and local education departments, middle and high schools, technical colleges, universities, and corporations to develop global workforce initiatives, locally and statewide. The school house became the meeting place for all of the stakeholders – educators, students, local businesses, community organizations, and child advocacy groups.
Parent & Community Engagement. Parents and the community need to be informed about educational initiatives and programs, family and school partnerships, and school district resources in their communities and schools. By 2020, we aim to provide practical solutions, resources, and opportunities for community stakeholders to “comm-unite” to improve the conditions, services and create healthy safe places.
Dropout Prevention, Intervention & Recovery. Programs focus on raising awareness about the issues, identifying people, and solutions for all learners. Georgia Standards of Excellence, Common Core workshops and the Education Station allow students, parents and community partners to understand the overall objectives, integrate activities that reengage all learners, and identify opportunities to actively participate in students’s learning experiences to increase expected outcomes.

Professional Development & Training. Mobile Learning Labs feature portable classrooms that integrate technology, use professional trainers, interactive stations, and real-life projects promoting personal development and community awareness. These customized training tools provide a wide range of skill building and professional development. Training programs range from entrepreneurship, business development, classroom management for teachers, and board development.
Coaching & Mentorship. Partners train and work alongside Academic Coaches and Mentors to provide support for individuals and families as they work with students, adults, and parents in our programs. Academic coaches provide academic support for students during and after-school. Mentors provide support to students outside of the classroom. Students participate in small discussions and shadowing opportunities.


SOSSI was founded in 2009 to address the low high school graduation rates, poverty, and access to opportunities by providing enrichment programs, training, and services, aligned with academic, professional, and 21st Century Work Readiness standards for youth and adults, with a focus on STEAM(Science, Technology, Engeneering/Entrpreneurship, Arts/Design & Math) Career exploration, industry certfications, and college readiness.

Plaz Tech

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Primary contact: Martin Plazyk

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PD Program Name: We have a variety of PD offerings, mainly focusing on Coding and STEM

Program Description: We offer a variety of PD, as well as customized courses