CS Policy

CS4GA Policy Coalition

The CS4GA Policy Coalition works to engage Georgia’s policy makers to share the urgent need for more Computer Science (CS) education resources in our K-12 system. We do this by:

  • Engaging educators and DOE staff to learn about the CS education needs in Georgia
  • Sharing potential legislation ideas with policy makers to expand access and removing barriers to quality CS education in Georgia
  • Tracking progress on CS education in Georgia and informing all stakeholders
  • Providing CS policy advocacy opportunities to all Georgia stakeholders

Recent CS4GA Policy Coalition accomplishments

  • All high schools and middle schools in Georgia are required to offer computer science by 2025.
  • 2022-2023 All middle schools and 1 high school per district
  • 2023-2024 All middle schools and 50% of the high schools in each district
  • 2024-2025 All middle and high schools in each district
  • The legislature appropriated $750,000 in funds to support building teacher capacity to help districts enact this legislation. The funds were distributed to 33 districts in the form of a competitive grant “CS4GA Computer Science Capacity grant” of up to $25,000 each with 85% required to be spent on teacher PD

How You Can Get Involved in Advocating for CS Education in Georgia

Go to Code.org’s advocacy page and learn about ways that you can support CS education locally and nationally. Please share it with anyone else who might be interested:

Code.org Advocacy

Use the example letters and presentations to

  • Ask your schoolteacher and principal to provide more CS activities and courses in your school
  • Tell your local and state elected representatives about what you are learning in your CS activities and courses and let them know what it is so important for your students/children’s futures
  • Ask your state and national elected officials to come visit your school and district to see what CS education is taking place and thank them for helping to expand CS opportunities for all of Georgia’s K-12 students.
  • Coming soon – download CS4GA Policy Coalition Speaking Points to help you engage your local and state policy makers to help increase access to quality CS education.